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Consulting & Professional Services

Being part of a growing company is a great feeling! But along with that growth comes new challenges and things to consider that may have not been an issue before.

If you need help with any of the following:

  • Meeting Room AV/Systems
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Creating a roadmap for your IT organization
  • Acoustic treatment of office or meeting room spaces
  • Implementation or installation of networking, IT or AV equipment

NetStack Builder would be more than glad to help!

Whether it's connecting you with contractors, overseeing a project from start-to-finish, offering advice or feedback on the creation or implementation of a project, etc.

We'll be more than glad to support you!

If you're local to Ottawa, we can even provide in person support or consultation.

Please feel free to give us a call at 1 (855) 672-8268 or email