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UniFi Directional Dual Band Antenna

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An optional mesh antenna, the UniFi Directional Dual Band Antenna offers a high-efficiency directional radiation pattern with dual polarity. Designed to work with the UniFi Mesh Access Point (UAPACMCA), it expands range coverage and provides customized pattern shaping.

Encased in a weather-resistant enclosure, the antenna can be used indoors or outdoors, and has a ball joint mount designed for precise aiming that can be mounted on a pole or a wall.

Product Information

  • Outdoor Weather-Resistant Enclosure
  • High-Efficiency Directional Radiation Pattern
  • Dual-Band, Dual-Polarity Optimized for 802.11ac
  • Ball Joint 3-Axis Mount for Precise Aiming
  • Wall/Pole Mount Included for Versatile Installation